Centre for Integration of Foreigners – Among Fellow Citizens

We asked foreigners who found their new home in our country what they thought about Czechs. We wanted to show Czechs what they are really like.

We published foreigners’ experience in videos and on posters and added the hashtag “mezi svými” (among fellow citizens).

Nobody likes being stereotyped. Then we launched the second part of the campaign and told the rest of the story. The story of how Czechs helped them when they first arrived here and found everything foreign; how nothing was an issue for Czechs; how friendly Czechs were towards them. The story that says that we are not a racist nation; that foreigners feel like among their fellow citizens with us. We wanted Czechs to be proud of themselves even without cheap nationalism and xenophobia. Don’t let anybody tell us that we are bad.

Paradoxically, it had to be immigrants to tell us that we are better than rumours say.