Fofrtaška 2.0


Can we change the perception of Kaufland as a grocery store for the elderly by engaging with the gamer community in an authentic yet unexpected way? With Fofrtaška 2.0, we have created an iconic gamer accessory inspired by the elderly. Fofrtaška became the talk of the gen-Zs across the country and united young generations of players for a good cause – to help seniors.

Over 1 000 000 CZK was raised through sales and charity stream to help seniors. Visits to the SINNERS e-shop spiked by 1000% during the campaign. 10 million impressions in a country of 5.3 million gamers. 78% of the TA now has a positive sentiment towards the brand. 61% of the TA now perceive Kaufland as a store for young people (compared to 36% before the campaign).


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